Wine + Dancing = Cast

I suppose now is a better time than any to introduce you to the real me as I type with one hand. Cool and debonair as I may seem, put a few drinks in me and I am like a drunk minstrel sure to have everyone laughing at my own expense. (Ask me about the time back in 2005 when I downed shots of Jager that led to a potato sack race on concrete to led to a trip to the ER sometime.)

Well, the good news is I have grown up a bit and do not drink things with words like “bomb” in them anymore. However, I am still not immune to ER visits after drinking. On one lovely Carrie Bradshaw-ish night out with the sister recently, we first went to visit Elizabeth in SoHo (lovely but overpriced and portions way too small) where afterward we stopped into the hot new Delicatessen in SoHo (one of my new faves we will discuss later) to forgo a teaspoon of sorbet for some smores and Ovaltine pudding parfait accompanied by not one but two bottles of vino.


We stumbled back to sister’s apt where the two of us danced like eighth graders to Abba, when, all of the sudden, her plush rug slipped out from underneath me and I landed on my left wrist. The night went on and Cindy Lauper rocked the house. Then morning came. I can’t put my hair up, can’t open a water bottle, can hardly button up pants. Time elapses, you get the picture. I now have a brace on my broken wrist for four weeks, FUCK!

I am out of work indefinitely and am writing this with a package of frozen corn nibblets on my arm, but a foodie still has to eat and cook if she does not want to fall victim to poverty by spending all of her money on going out to eat. Or to get poisoned by boyfriend’s potentially bland food.

So, in honor of all of my friends out their with a hook, nub, or cast (non-crips are welcome to try too, just stick one hand in your sleeve) I am culminating one-handed recipes. Not stupid, lazy, rich housewife recipes like Sandra Lee’s but real food with innovative technique.

More to come …


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