Crack Brownies

Crack Brownies
I was so inspired by the first episode of Jamie Oliver’s new show “Food Revolution” that I came up with a brilliant recipe. Remember the part where they were at the fattest family on earth’s house and all of that food was on the table, the pizza, corndogs, nuggets, etc. Well…It looked delicious right? Right. But what was missing? Those poor fucks had no dessert.
Oh, did I get the message wrong?
Honestly I made this b/c I was emptying out the cabinets of my apt. which I just signed a new least for (was subletting) and will be getting new cabinets. When I happened upon a plethora of garbage from the previous tenant. I am not judging. After all I am using this. So I found this box of chocolate lovers brownies, some reese’s cups, and was waiting for a reason to use that frozen cookie dough she left. Well…and there you have it, my crack brownies. I was going to throw in some nuts, but figured why would we add something of purpose at this point.
So immediately out of the oven, because I have the patience of a toddler, they were a bit too gooey because of the cookie dough. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting better everyday, perfectly chewy with little bites of surprises hidden within each bite and my addiction increasing. I am on antibiotics (not drinking or smoking) and have substituted my vices with these brownies. Mind you I live alone and there is not a soul to supervise or scold me. Being a grown up sure can be dangerous! I think I will throw them away tomorrow.
My advice, just don’t have these things lying around, it is not good for anyone. I am glad they will be out of my life soon.
Moral of the story friends…Jamie Oliver is right.


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