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Welcome back, me!

December 27, 2008


So I haven’t posted in two months. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking. As a matter of fact that is probably the only constructive thing I have been doing lately outside of dogsitting (see above) and cleaning up after my two cats. They require so much attention it is unreal.


Recently the white one has un-pottytrained himself. Yes, that is right, un-pottytrained, because he loathes the low-grade litter my bf put in their box last week. I can’t complain too much though because he is using the bath tub which is really close to the toilet, so he has the right idea and it is easy to clean.


If you have already read this far you are either a) really irritated because you wanted to read about some foodie shit or b) rather entertained because you are also a crazy cat person. If you fall into the latter category I recommend you join me in spending your lonely weekends with your cats (and a friend if you have one) and this game. I actually don’t own it yet but surely after this posting someone will get the hint for my upcoming birthday (Jan 2).

On behalf of all of you, I would like to welcome myself back. I would also like to announce my first New Year’s Resolution that I will break: I will blog at least once a week!